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  1. Anna Oates

    Blog on recycling
    Most people set themselves a New Year resolution why not set yourself one to recycle more? According to the Barnsley Council the national target for recycling is 50% by 2020 they hope that we can beat this target and have more people in the community to recycle.
    People may not already know what they can recycle as people find it hard and may not know what they can recycle, I think people should be recycling paper as I think paper is one of the number one things that people waste and is not recycled so by recycling paper you are helping the planet and school as by recycling you’re helping us to not waste as much paper and keeping the cost of it down. Paper is so easy to recycle I think is one of the easiest things to recycle in school as it’s the number one thing that we use. To recycle paper you need to throw it in the paper bin and the council do the rest. People in school need to find a paper bin to and learn where they are in school and not throw paper in the normal bin .

  2. Richard Worrall

    I think the most important thing to recycle is paper because thousands of trees are getting cut down every day to make new paper and some of that paper goes to waste. The rainforest is getting smaller and smaller and animals are dying faster and faster. If we recycle more we can stop cutting down the trees and let the animals live in peace.

  3. anthony

    So this is the start to my recycling blog, so I can try to get my point across. I think we need to recycle paper, because we chop trees down to get paper but what do we give back to the environment?
    Paper is a really big thing if you don’t recycle at home at least recycle at school, if we don’t one day the school will run out of money so there will be no paper for younger generation so what will they do?
    Recycling is a very easy thing to do so if you don’t know how to you need to ask yourself why. All you need to do is pick a piece of paper and put it in the recycling bin.

  4. Rhys Williams

    I think the most important thing to recycle is paper because thousands of trees are getting chopped down every day and they use woods to make them into paper but some of goes to waste. The rainforest is getting small and smaller and the animals are dying faster and faster. If we recycle more we can stop cutting down the trees and let the animals live in peace.

  5. Steven Watson

    In our school, recycling is as important as our learning, an even though it may not seem it coming towards the end of year 11 for some pupils, it is important that we sustain the school and its watse at a low level so it can be carried on by younger pupils in the future.
    Resources in our school are in high demand right now, so we need to recycle to save bare materials that are vital to our learning, such as paper. If we do not change the amount of waste we are producing and not recycling it could see us running out of materials that are needed faster than we should be

  6. Jade Marie Fogg

    Recycling in our school is a very important topic, the pupils in our school are currently being educated on the information about reycling and its importance. Although they are being told the facts and statistics they aren’t showing complete dedication to recycling in the school. I know this because although there are different coloured recycling bins in the school which seperate: Plastics, Cans, paper and general waste, Litter is still being dropped on the floors and people aren’t paying attention towards which litter bins they drop their rubbish in, this causes contamination of the whole waste bin so it cannot be recycled. I gathered this information from our Premesis manager Gemma Barker. If we do not improve our recycling rate and pay attention to these little things, we wont be able to recycle and that means the town won’t be able to as much and it will be decreasing the recycling rate as a whole. Recycling different products will help the environment. For example, we know that paper comes from trees and many trees are being cut down just to produce paper. By recycling it, we can help lessen the number of trees that are cut down. Products made from raw materials that came from our natural resources should be recycled so that we can help preserve the environment.

  7. MJaros

    Students should put the correct litter in the correct bins. If they put things like a half eaten sandwhich in the bin it becomes contaminated and they can recycle that bag because everything in that bag becomes contaminated and it has to go to landfills.

  8. BMW 1998

    students should put the correct stuff into the right bins. If they put the wrong things in the wrong bin it then becomes contaminated and then it can not be recycled and has to go to landfill.

  9. connor

    People should recycle things like paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, tins, glass and bottles. People should be putting their rubbish in the right bins and cleaning out tin cans before putting them in the bin ready to recycle. It is easy to recycle it just takes time but other than that all you have to do is put rubbish in the right bin. The council has done enough to help people recycle. This is because they have given us bins and lots more things to help us recycle it’s just up to the community if they want to. I think recycling is good just because you get products from waste materials. It is also good because it takes less energy to recycle then it does to remake the products from scratch. The most important thing to recycle in my opinion is plastic materials just for the fact that you use oil to create plastic and we are running low on oil.

  10. arrianwhite

    Recycling is important because it helps the environment, and it saves money. It also saves digging up the ground for new resources. You can recycle lots of different things for example: glass, paper, tins, cardboard and lots more. All houses get different coloured bins given from the council, so its really easy to recycle.


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